Unplugging from Social Media- Daily Change That Makes a Difference!

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unplugging from the phoneWe just got back from a mini family vacation. Jon’s parents took us to the beach for three days and we had a suite next to theirs, right on the beach. This girl was in heaven. It was especially nice because the kids would just head over to their suite to hang out, eat cookies and dig in the sand with them. Jon and I took our first nap together, without the kids, since we have had kids. It was absolutely divine.

I did not take ANY pictures on the first two days (I use my phone for pics most times and rarely bring my camera). I left my phone in the room and only checked it twice a day. It made a huge difference. I felt so connected – to real life!

I know, I know, this sounds like the cliche post – get off your phone and connect with real people. But for me I needed that. I work online, I work as a freelancer, I am connected always. Admittedly it is easy to be on my phone even when I know I am caught up and not needed. Or I grab my phone to take a picture and get caught up in something I never intended.

I read an awesome article about mom burn out (I wish I could find it again!) and one of the ways to fall into burnout was always checking social media and emails. The best thing to do is to set times for checking emails and social media and unplug for the rest of the time. So this is what I am doing. This vacation I realized I need that, and not just when on vacation. Always. This summer is all about getting our family on a schedule that works for all of us, so that our kids thrive on the routines and Jon and I do too.

Unplugging from Social Media

So what I am doing now is unplugging. I leave my phone in its charging spot and check it in the mornings, at noon, and before I put the kids to bed. When I work I try to finish up everything so there is nothing pending. When I am offline and unplugged, I am in the moment with my family and friends and I don’t even find myself missing it!

It feels good. I find my self being more patient, more in the moment and really enjoying life in the real world. It is so easy to get caught up in Facebook, for me, that is most of my daily socialization! But I can still catch up and not be on my phone all the time.

I challenge you to try it! Just for 30 days and see how it works for you!


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