The Wonders Of Baking Soda

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My sweet baby has a diaper rash! It is seriously only the second time he has had one in his entire life. Our AC was broken for a few days and I think the humidity attributed to it not healing. I did my usual coat of Butt Paste with each necessary diaper change, and let him run around naked when possible. But this diaper rash was just not budging. It got to a point where Lucas was asking for Butt Paste :( . Poor guy, I felt so bad!


I bought some Baking Soda for his bath andit helped so much. He is now pretty much healed and should be 100% tomorrow. The baking soda helps balance your PH balance and drys out your baby’s rash helping to heal it.


There are actually a zillion things you can do with baking soda, it is a wonderful product. In this months issue of “Baby Talk” it was  number 19 on their article of 20 Ways To Raise a Natural Baby. Some other amazing ways to use it for your baby include mixing it with baby oil, making a paste, and rubbing it into babys scalp to help wash away cradel cap. You can also combine it with water and clean baby toys!


It is cheap, natural, non-toxic and oh- so useful! Love it!! You can see 75 other ways to use it here.


Do you use baking soda? What do you do with it?


One thought on “The Wonders Of Baking Soda

  1. Koti

    Tracy,Your baby reminds me so much of my yogunest. We had our pictures taken in the fall. She refused to smile. Individual photos were part of the plan. Nope, not for her. Thank heavens, our photographer is also my neighbor and friend. She took adorable pictures of her in the backyard a few days later.


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