The Brewer Pregnancy Diet Explained: Preventing Preeclampsia

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brewer pregnancy dietWhen I started researching new midwifes, one of them referred me to the Brewer Pregnancy Pregnancy diet. I had expressed my concern about developing preeclampsia with this pregnancy, as I had with DS1. It developed late, two days after my due date, and was very slight, but it still led to my induction. If I am trying to have a natural home birth or birth center birth this time around, I want to ensure that I am doing everything possible to prevent  preeclampsia.
The Brewer Pregnancy Diet was developed by Dr. Tom Brewer in the 60′s. It is based on his research, in which he discovered that preeclampsia is caused by lack of protein and nutrients.

The Brewer diet requires a pregnant woman to consume (per DAY)  80 – 100 grams of protein, four servings of milk products, two eggs, two servings of fresh, dark green vegetables, four or more servings of whole grains, 1-2 servings of vitamin C, three servings of healthy fats and oils such as real butter and olive oil, eight – 8 oz. glasses of  water,  five servings of yellow and orange fruits and veggies per WEEK, liver once a week, and salt to taste. I use this printable check list here.

The diet is about 2,500 calories, and you need to follow it to a T, otherwise, it will not work correctly. You need all of the calories, salt and protein for your blood volume to expand and maintain the proper expansion.

No more counting calories, cutting out salt, or worrying about snacking in the middle of the night. After being on this diet for about a month, I have found it a bit difficult. It is a lot to eat and remember. I have switched my yogurt to the Greek Chobani because it also doubles as protein intake. The checklist I posted above definitely helps, i keep it, along with a few other printables, and resources on my fridge. I have posted those, and more resources below.

I am really trying to maintain the Brewer Pregnancy Diet. I have only gained a pound which is normal for me at this stage, so the calorie intake is not affecting my weight gain. As far as preeclampsia, my blood pressure thus far has been normal, so I will keep you updated as we approach my due date.

I have read from a few forums that it has worked well for other mothers, so I am hoping that it is my golden ticket to a natural, healthy birth.

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