Potty Training A Late Bloomer

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potty training a late bloomerSo we are potty training. It is like my 10th attempt with Lucas. I mean he was never ready and honestly, he still isn’t.

I love those people who are all like “Well he won’t go to college in diapers.”

Are ya sure? Cause I’m pretty sure that’s his plan.

He is just as content doing his business in his diaper as the day he was born. Here’s the thing – I am not into pushing him into doing anything. I’ve never made it an issue. Everyone told me to wait till after Liam was born (at which point Lucas was 2). So I did. And since about 2 and a half we’ve tried on and off. Again very non-pushy, very gentle. But I have tried everything known to Google.

He is afraid of pooping in ANY potty. No speech, bribe, or amount of sugar will change his mind. I’ve tried it all. Charts, stickers, candy, firetrucks, monster trucks, LEGOLAND. Nope, not falling for my trickery. He told me “But mom, it’s just a bad idea.”

But dude, those things are getting pretty real. I mean, a 4 year can handle some business if ya know what I mean. And I don’t want kids picking on him for it either.

I’ve had talks about it with him, trying to get to the bottom of the issue. But I am telling you, I have not made any progress.

Lucas just turned 4 and Jon is off for the summer. We are both home and we are both working on potty training as a team and working with both boys. Maybe Liam will encourage Lucas? I am praying. Today was day one. He is fine peeing, but held his poop all day. Only one accident at dinner and I probably should have asked him after he chugged my water.

Bless his little heart. I feel so bad for him. He is so over the potty talks and just doesn’t understand why he can’t wear diapers forever.

We are staying home until this happens. And if we make it out alive we will have a diaper free home with two little boys, one step closer to growing up.



One thought on “Potty Training A Late Bloomer

  1. Shecki @ Greatly Blessed

    It’s in the air! Must be summer. I wrote about the very same thing today. Head on over if you need a pull ups coupon, lol. Best wishes! Here’s hoping that at the end of summer BOTH your boys are in big boy underwear. :)


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