Mommy Moment Of The Week: Lucas Says His Name!!

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We have been working hard around here. Teaching Lucas his name when asking who he is, and when showing him pictures of himself. This week, he got it! Now when you ask him “who are you?” He will cutely reply, “Luukaas!” LOVE IT!!! He will also do it when you point to a picture of him and ask who it is. I am so proud!!!


He also got his cast off, and boy, did we all celebrate! He was relieved! He played in the bath for the longest time. I am sure it felt so good to soak that stinky arm lol.


Hoping you all are having a fantastic, family filled weekend!


One thought on “Mommy Moment Of The Week: Lucas Says His Name!!

  1. Meredith

    You should be proud! That’s awesome :) Somehow I missed this cast part–we just did that with our son (body cast for femur bone) and hands-down one of my favorite parts was sinking that nasty-smelling little guy in a tub of soapy water! Yay for you :)


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