Mentally Preparing For Baby Number 2: Mommy Blurb

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It is on my mind constantly these days, April is nearing closer and my comfort level is reminding me that we are approaching the end of this pregnancy. With all the excitement, also comes the questions, stress, and OMFG can I do this?!

We are blessed with a very, very, very active toddler. It is all I can do to keep up with his cute little self as he runs around the house wanting to be chased, bouncing on the bed, pulling the cats tail, wanting to play trucks, and have a food fight with himself for every meal. How on earth will I balance everything with another baby?! Will DS1 deal with the transition okay? How can I ensure that I still pay him enough attention? How will I go out of the house with two kids?

That is a BIG fear. I am terrified of kidnappers. I read horrible stories as I work each day and it scares the day lights out of me. How can I keep an eye on my active toddler with a nursing, pooping newborn? We just wont leave the house? That sounds healthy lol.

How will I still pay attention to my sister who will be a sophomore in high school. She is very involved in her school and always has activities going on.

My husband is a rock star. Seriously the most amazing father I have EVER seen. He is so close with DS1 and is very hands on. But he has to go to work, so he won’t be around to help as much as he was with DS1, when he was working from home.

It is uncharted territory and I am nervous! Not to mention I still have to work, cook and clean. Thankfully, I work from home, but it is so much easier to not “go to work” when you work for yourself and have had a long day and are simply exhausted.

I know everything will be okay. God won’t give me anything I can’t handle. And this has always been my dream. I am so blessed. I know when I see my two babies together, all that stuff won’t matter. It is just hard rationalizing with myself right at this moment. And to think we are already talking baby number 3!?

Anyone else have freak out moments before having their second, third etc child? How did you deal?

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