Lucas’ Monster Truck Birthday Party & Monster Jam Cake

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Lucas turned two and of course with his obsession with trucks and cars we had to have a Monster truck birthday party! We had talked about it for months, it was a part of his bed time story! I would tell him about the awesoem cake I was going to make.

I had done tons of research and planning long before Liam was born and I knew pretty much everything I needed. I ordered the favor boxes and some decorations online and went to Party City, Walmart and the Dollar Tree for the rest.

I made the cake the night before and decorated it right before bed, hoping the kids would stay down for the night. Liam was fussy and kept waking up, but I think I pulled of a pretty cool cake considering. I do need to work on my icing handwriting though.

Making the Monster Jam cake was not that hard, and I think I am going to try and make a personalized cake like that each year, so long as the kids want it. Lucas loved it so much and is still talking about it.

My friend Ali made some custom signs, which really completed the party and made it personal. She should be a party planner, I am telling you. My friend Jess came over early, and while Jon took Lucas for a carousel ride, she, Ana and I decorated the house and set everything up.

Lucas loved everything!!!! He and his friends had a blast in the kiddie pool and slip and slide. Watching his face light up with his beautiful smile made my day. I love being a mommy and look forward to many, many birthday parties!

Here are some picture of the cake and decorations, before the guests arrived.

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