Home Birth, Birth Center, Or Hospital Birth

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In case you missed my post on how my hospital birth went, you can see it here. Basically it was nothing like I planned and not as natural as I planned.Home Birth Birth Center Or Hospital Birth

Now I am pregnant with baby number two and since the beginning of this pregnancy, I have been researching home birth and birth centers. I was going to my regular check ups with my previous midwives, who work out of TGH, but have officially switched to a birth center. I would have liked a home birth, but honestly the insurance coverage was the deciding factor. Here is a bit of my thought process and how we arrived at this point.

I knew that I wanted to have a natural birth this time around, as well as be in more comfortable surroundings, with my son in attendance. The hospital is a place for sick people, IMO.  Once I found out my 19 motnh old couldn’t be at the birth or be with me after, I really started working on alternatives. My super woman SIL, has had both her babies at home, so of course I went to her for support. I started interviewing midwives and found a few great options. I narrowed it down to Sweet Child O’ Mine and Labor Of Love.  Both were great, and came highly recommended. Sweet Child O’ Mine is only home birth, while Labor of Love does home birth, if within 45 minutes, or you go to their birth center. I finally decided today, and honestly it came down to the insurance. My insurance will cover 100% of Labor of Love, while Sweet Child O’ Mine was 70%. That really annoys me. A hospital birth is 100% covered and will cost well over $22k. Both of the midwives are under $5k. If I had medicaid, any choice would be covered 100%. HMO’s are something to think about, because the “In and Out of Network” can make or break you. Regardless I am happy with my choice, and feel blessed to have the option. Some states do not require insurance providers to cover midwives at all.

As for the safety aspect, home birth or birth centers are just as safe, if not safer for low risk pregnancies. Midwives are prepared to handle emergencies. In most situations where labor turned into an emergency situation, “it is almost always the case that dangerous hospital-only interventions were being used, e.g. intrapartum pitocin and/or anesthesia.”

And according to BabyCenter,

There is also research showing that moms who planned to give birth at home (regardless of where they actually had their babies) ended up with fewer interventions, such as episiotomies and c-sections, compared with a group of equally low-risk women who had planned hospital deliveries.

These are just a few sources. I have spent hours upon hours assessing the risk, researching and interviewing midwives about labor outside of the hospital. I would never knowingly put myself or my child in harms way.

A lot of my focus thus far has been on labor. That is just where my life focus has been these days! We are almost in the third trimester and I needed to feel “settled in.” I didn’t want to rush the process of deciding where and who would be best to deliver my second baby, so I did take my time. I highly recommend that!

Co-sleeping is next up. Oh boy, I can’t wait for you to see my bedroom before and after baby!!


2 thoughts on “Home Birth, Birth Center, Or Hospital Birth

  1. Antonio

    I was the calmest mom she had ever wroked with. Childbirth was intense, no doubt, but I ended up with an unplanned home birth because I thought I had a long ways to go (it wasn’t *that* bad) by the time my doula arrived at my home (I was alone at home), and when she looked, she could already see my son’s head! Going through transition is supposed to be the worst part, but I hadn’t realized that I had already gone through it!A friend borrowed my Hypnobabies and she said that while she did get an epidural (during hour 28 of a 30 hour labor), it really helped her, too. She felt very calm and relaxed throughout the childbirth process (which took place in the U.S.). Later, another doctor (in Taiwan) said he was amazed she had a natural birth because apparently she had some pelvic injury and he wouldn’t have expected her pelvis to open that much during birth.

    1. Husna

      I’m very torn about whether or not I’ll end up wtnniag an epidural. On the one hand, I’m looking at my mother who gave birth to four children naturally, sans epidural. The first two were twins, born vaginally. So I don’t want to seem like a wuss compared to her. But as I’m not really sure what my pain tolerance will be. Ideally, I’d like to go as long as I can without any drugs, but I don’t want to end up going so long that I can’t get them if I really want them. But I’d really like to be able to walk around and labor in different positions than just lying down, and I know that you can’t do that with some epidurals. But since I’m just now in my first regular cycle post MC, it’s all pretty theoretical at this point. If DH had his way, I think I’d be walking around with an epidural throughout my entire pregnancy ;). He hates to see me in any type of pain.


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