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Getting In Mommy Snuggles

One of my favorite things about being a mother, the one thing I cherish most – snuggles. I can’t get enough. Every day I MUST snuggle my kids several times. I do it while playing with both of them, and I do it when I get that special individual time. Usually Liam sleeps longer than [...]

Been MIA – Here’s Why

I have been MIA for sometime now, and when my hosting renewal came, I almost let this site go. I was thisclose. Back in October I wrote a post about being the mom my mother wanted to be. I have never been more clear-headed about my relationship with my mother (or lack there of) nor [...]

What’s Going On!!!?

So I have been MIA… Again. The problem is this – I work online for a living. I do content management for a few celebrity and parenting sites and then I also run my Social Media Consulting and web design business, which we are just starting and trying to build. I work hard but I [...]

Individual Dates: Mommy Blurb

Today Jon and I each took Lucas out for a little special time of his own. He loves Liam and is a great brother, but we could tell he needed some individual attention. He has been having a few more meltdowns than usual, which could just be his age, but it was clear that he [...]

Time Saving Tips: Mommy Blurb

We are all busy, I sure as heck know I am. I am a full time SAHM, I work full time from home, and run a household. Any time saving tips help me, so I thought I would share a few of my tricks. I always make a milk and juice sippy from the night [...]

Sicklings! Our Week Of Craziness!

Wow, what a week! We were all sick as dogs. Started off with hubby, then Lucas got it, and then Liam and I. Liam was so sick, it had me totally freaked out! I am so blessed to have my family close, they were all so wonderful and helpful and I couldn’t have gotten through [...]


We are in the middle of a move. I thought moving with a 1 year old was a challenge last year, which is why we planned on staying here another year and then purchasing a house the following year. However our landlords are complete douchbags. We thought going with a property management company would prevent [...]

Liam’s 40 Day Blessing: Mommy Blurb

Yesterday was a very special day for our family. Liam had his 40 day blessing!! We are Greek Orthodox and so it is tradition that approximately forty days after a child is born a “special service is offered in the Church which emulates the Old Testament custom in which the Blessed Virgin Mary brought Jesus [...]

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