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Don’t Cry It Out, Walk It Out!

We’ve discovered a new trick that we just couldn’t help but share. If you’ve ever had one of those exhausting nights when your little one won’t sleep, and seems to just cry-cry-cry. You tried nursing, you tried a snack, a drink–everything your over-tired brain could conceive of. But nothing helps! Try this: hold the child [...]

Happy New Year! My Goals….

Happy New Year to all of you! We had a very calm New Year, home with the kids, who were up later than usual because of the fireworks, but then they finally passed out right before midnight and Jon and I watched the ball drop together. It was perfect. Calm and perfect.

Big Two-Hearted Parents

While Jenivieve has been recovering from the perfect, other-wordly birth of our second son, we’ve had a few major breakthroughs. First is, how can you possibly love another child as much as you do your beloved first son? And second, do I have to somehow pull love-juice from our first son in order to level [...]

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