Baby Sprinkle! Because EVERY Baby Is A Reason To Celebrate

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Baby SprinkleWe are having a baby sprinkle! When I found out I was pregnant with number two, I was thrilled! I loved all of the excitement that came with my first and was thrilled to go through it once again. Well, as most mama’s can tell you, it is very different the next time around.

With the first I had an app telling me what was going on each week, along with several email subscriptions to keep me up to speed. We would watch videos, check out blogs and were just in awe. This time, I still have the app, but it is more to keep track of how far along I am and to remind me of what I should be expecting at this stage in my pregnancy.

It is not that I am not interested. I am just so busy and wrapped up in life, and I kind of feel like I have this pregnancy stuff down. Being a full time mommy to a toddler is no joke, and a job in itself. The best job in the world, but exhausting. Add to that a full time, WFH job as a writer and Social Media consultant, starting a this new site and just making sure my house doesn’t look like a tornado hit it, and I am pretty much dunzo at the end of the day. It is 1:14 am and while everyone is snoozing, here I am:)

You get my point. One thing that did bum me out is that second, third, etc. babies don’t get a shower. Boo! I don’t get it. If one of my friends were to remarry, we would do the whole shower, bachelorette party, wedding over again. This is just as important. We are welcoming a new life into the world!

So I was thrilled when I read about baby sprinkles! A sprinkle is a newer idea. It is simpler and smaller than a shower, and  gifts tend to be new outfits, diapers, wipes, etc. and often some gifts for the older sibling to make them feel special. Sounds perfect to me!

Some people feel that it is ludicrous to have a shower/sprinkle for any baby other than the first, but I whole heartedly disagree. It is not so much about the gifts, but I feel that every baby is a reason to celebrate. They only arrive once. No choice in that matter!

IMO, it is no different from any other celebration where guests typically bring gifts (i.e. birthdays, weddings, house warmings, etc.) Bring a gift and in return there will be food, laughter, fun and memories to cheerish.

I honestly don’t care if people don’t bring a gift, it is about welcoming a new blessing to the world, and DS1 getting in the sibling mood! I understand that it gets expensive and people may not have it to give. I would have understood that for my first shower as well.  As for people who want to give, help is always appreciated!

Sure we already have a lot from DS1 and we are having another boy so we are so blessed to have almost everything we need. But there are still a few items we could use help with! A carseat, co-sleeper, double stroller, and an infant insert for the Ergo are all big ticket items. A gift card or cash would always be helpful.  Not to mention you can’t get enough diapers/wipes. And gifts for DS1 sound like a great way to start off the birth of a new sibling!


My BFF from high school, who is pregnant herself, and my YiaYia (grandmother) are throwing this event for us. We will invite close family and friends and hope that they will come to share the celebration. If it were flipped, I would be thrilled to attend such an important event in one of my friends/families life. There is enough tragedy, stress, heartache, and sacrifice in every day life. It is important to celebrate and embrace these special moments and share the excitement with our loved ones.








Sprinkle image borrowed from: Baby Shower 101

4 thoughts on “Baby Sprinkle! Because EVERY Baby Is A Reason To Celebrate

  1. Stephanie

    I think this is a fabulous idea, and wonder why someone didn’t think of it before. I hope your party turns out good, and DS has a good time with family and friends. These are the times you try to catch up with the people you love, your life gets so tied up with children and work that you forget sometimes that the world goes on. Happy Baby Sprinkle Jenivieve!!

      1. Tinoh

        Depending on how much you want to spend here are a couple of my ideas after hvanig had a baby recently and recieving many unique and helpful gifts at her shower. On the low end, I loved the gifts that were totally practical. For example, a basket filled with bath time essentials (shampoo, lotion, wash cloths, towel, rubber ducky, diaper rash cream, brush set, nail clippers etc.) You could probably fill a basket nicely for $ 20-30 or for a little bit more, buy the infant bath tub to put it all in. Or another idea would be a basket of feeding essentials (bibs, burp cloths, spoons, dishes, sippy cups, bottles, baby cereal etc.) On the high end, one very useful item we recieved was a bouncy seat ($ 50-$ 80). Play mats and other baby entertainers were also nice to recieve as gifts, as they weren’t always an essential item that we could afford to buy ourselves. Hope this gives you a couple of ideas.

    1. Sofia

      I agree with the scrap book idea and portrait sudtio. I take my children to get their photos done CONSTANTLY!!!But also because you say they practically have nothing for this child I would maybe get them one thing unique and then go with the basics that meet the child’s needs more.Usually if I am going to a baby shower of a friend I buy them diapers usually a size two because everyone thinks of newborn but not what you will need in a month or two. One outfit that is a 3-6 months and one outfit that is 6-9 months. I also usually get one summer and one winter outfit this time of year the larger one being the winter outfit. Hitting sales I can get all that for $ 20 or a little more. I will also throw in a small toy or rattle etc.For family I of course will usually spend more and will get the two outfits and diapers. But also will get a pack of receiving blankets. Or a kit with all the little shampoos, lotions, oils etc. A baby massage kit. Blankets. Crib sheets. Etc All those things are must haves.Plus bottles whether she is nursing or not. Pacifiers.There is so much!Good luck with your shopping


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