Thanksgiving Turkey Hat Craft

Today we had a blast making Thanksgiving Turkey hats. Check out this simple craft for toddlers!

thanksgiving turkey hat craft

We are all into Thanksgiving here in the Elly house. I am in love with the holiday season, it is my favorite time of year and I am just thrilled to share that passion with my kiddos. I love doing crafts, decorating, baking – just feel like it is such a special time for family. I am always looking for new ideas and things to do with the kids. Not everything works, but most can be altered for your kiddos age and no matter what, you come out having had some real fun, and more importantly, with special memories.

Gratitude Turkey: Toddler Craft Fun

Gratitude turkey craftI am always on the hunt for arts and crafts for Lucas and I to do together, hence my addiction to Pinterest. Which is where I came across this wonderful idea for a Gratitude Turkey. Little Family Fun posted about their annual tradition, and I love it!!!

We did this project yesterday and it was super fun – Lucas loved it and I loved talking with him about all of the things we have to be thankful for. This is definitely something we will be doing each year, and I plan on saving each one to treasure!

Don’t Cry It Out, Walk It Out!

We’ve discovered a new trick that we just couldn’t help but share. If you’ve ever had one of those exhausting nights when your little one won’t sleep, and seems to just cry-cry-cry. You tried nursing, you tried a snack, a drink–everything your over-tired brain could conceive of. But nothing helps!
Try this: hold the child facing forward. One arm under her rear, the other across her chest and under her arms. With most of the lights dimmed in the house, walk quickly around from room to room. It instantly distracts them from throwing a fit. They may even giggle a little.

As you bounce through each room quickly, be extra careful not to lose balance.

Tips For Cutting Little Boys Hair (Without Tears!)

Liam's first hair cut

So Liam had his first hair cut this weekend. The time just flies! I remember cutting Lucas’ hair for the first time. And then he was three all the sudden. Though I know stuff happened in between, it all seemed to fly by after that first haircut.

And it seems to be happening again! Liam looks sooooo grown up! I mean look at that little profile! Such a little man!

I cut Liam’s hair myself, just as I always have with Lucas. Liam was much easier than Lucas ever was, as he was terrified of getting a haircut. (more…)

Sweet, Refreshing Gesture

Young parents grow accustomed to the sting of judgmental stares. The shaking heads. The wrinkled up noses. With the news of people who seem hell-bent on sending breast feeding mothers to the corner of a basement, it’s awfully heart-warming to have a stranger sprinkle your family with the gentle rains of compassion.

Judgemental-MommiesFor those of us who have chosen to gently nudge our children in the right direction rather than throttle them with frustration and anger, most strangers offer nothing more than laser beam eyes.

Their squeaks and squawks sometimes elicit the same reaction as a blatantly loud F-bomb.

But one recent night at a local Denny’s we were reminded that not everyone has forgotten what kids who are full of life are like. They don’t sit, sulking, fearful of a major verbal or physical consequence. They express themselves loudly, enthusiastically, passionately. They are children.


5, 3, 1 Minute Warnings: How To Avoid Meltdowns

5 3 1  warning

Meltdowns can be embarrassing. As much as we know that it is not our fault as parents, or even our kiddo’s fault – that he is just tired, hungry, cranky or possibly all of the above and has a hang nail – it can still be embarrassing. I always try not to let it get to me. It happens to every parent, and if some one says something or gives a judgmental glare, well PFFFT!!! to them, cause they live in some Utopia that is nonexistent in my world.


Favorite Pre-Schooler Book: “What Was I Scared Of?”

what_was_i_scared_ofThere was a time when all we read were books about trucks. And cars. And occasionally trains. And while he still loves those types of books, Lucas now has more sophisticated taste. After all, he is now a pre-schooler.

Right now he is on a Dr. Seuss kick. He LOVES “Green Eggs and Ham,”"The Sneetches,” “Oh the Things You Can Think,” “Mr. Brown Can Moo” and his all time favorite – “What Was I Scared Of?”. He loves that book and will ask Jon or I to read it several times in a row and several times a day. It also comes in the car with us when we leave.

I love that he loves Dr. Seuss and that his love of reading is so strong at only age three. Ah, to be the son of two teachers…

What books are your kiddos into?


Getting In Mommy Snuggles

One of my favorite things about being a mother, the one thing I cherish most – snuggles. I can’t get enough. Every day I MUST snuggle my kids several times. I do it while playing with both of them, and I do it when I get that special individual time.

Usually Liam sleeps longer than Lucas, so when Lucas wakes up, we spend that time snuggling on the couch reading stories or talking. He likes to pretend he is Shrek, I am Fiona. We drink magic potion (my coffee, his milk) and we just talk. And I kiss him all over, and I kiss his special spot on the back of his sweet little neck while he giggles and asks for more. I can’t get enough.

Co-sleeping With Two: Embracing It And Loving It!

Co-sleeping can be a challenge. As priceless as those snuggles are, adding an additional person to the bed can make for crammed quarters. When Liam was born we had one king bed and were already co-sleeping with Lucas. Of course I was worried about co sleeping with a baby and a toddler so I bought an Armsreach co-sleeper. It didn’t work. Just like Lucas, he wanted to be in bed with us, and I wanted to be in bed with him. I didn’t feel like it was fair to co-sleep with one and not the other. I really wanted to bond in that way with both my children. So we went and bought another king bed and let me tell you it was the best thing we ever did.

¬†We now have two king beds side by side and everyone has plenty of room. Sometimes I sleep with Lucas, sometimes I sleep with Liam, sometimes they sleep together. And here’s a shocker – hubby and I get to sleep together too, with no littles in the bed! But we still have the comfort of knowing that our children are safe beside us. Don’t get me wrong, a lot of nights we play musical beds I go from one bed to the other as I try to make room for myself as one kid kicks me in the head and the other has turned sideways to lay their head on my belly. And eventually they follow me. But I don’t mind, we all have plenty of room and we are all together, we’re all safe, and I know this is not going to last forever. I’m embracing it and loving every minute cause I know soon enough to be in their room having sleepovers with friends and not wanting to come snuggle with Mama.

Birthday Candy Card

So yesterday was my husbands birthday and I wanted to do something super special for him. He is a sucker for candy, and I had seen these awesome candy cards on Pinterest. I just completed a Pinterest project (which I will share later) that turned out fantastic, so I was riding on high hopes.


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