5 Things My Son Taught Me (Guest Post From Alexis at Baby Stuff)

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Hi everyone and thanks for having me, Jenivieve. My name is Alexis and I run the blog Babystuff.tips. I started my blog when my son Nicholas was born, I did this as a way to keep track of all the different things we are learning together – him as an independent little man, and me as a first time mother.

I truly believe that you can learn new things from just about anywhere, and learning from my 1 1/2 year old son is no exception. Here are just 5 of the things my son has taught me.

“Boy” Humor

I always thought myself above the whole “toilet” humor thing, but when those bright eyes and that cheeky grin/giggle happen right after a toot from down below, it’s hard not to find it at least a little bit amusing.


I always assumed I would be one of those mom’s who would need their son’s help with even the simplest of technologies. You know the familiar story;

Mom: how do you make it deliver the e-mail?

Son: Just press send, mum

Mom: Where is the send button?

Son: It’s the big one with the word send on it.

I was, however, expecting my son to be well past 1 year old before the teaching began though.

Reality quickly set in when Nick taught me a multitude of phone functions just by amusing himself, bashing away at my phone. For instance, who knew that the twitter app can have multiple accounts at the same time? Thanks Nick!

Letting go of Control

Children can be such willful little creatures, so who better to teach you a lesson about not being in control. How fast even the grandest of plans can fall away when one little man doesn’t want a bar of something. Being someone who wanted an empowered child, I quickly learned how to sit back and let Nick run playtime his own way.

Letting go of “Mess Stress” / OCD

Yes, I’m one of those types of people. I (used to) have a spot where only I sat on the couch. I once managed to go to a farm and come home without a speck of dirt on me. I used to have a pen that only I was allowed to use.

I never enjoyed cleaning, but if everything is messy, cluttered, and dirty, I can feel myself getting stressed. After being covered in some pretty gross things since becoming a mom, and having more important priorities than getting myself clean, all the other things just don’t seem all that important anymore.

Being a Mom is the Best Thing Ever!

It took my husband and I a while to conceive Nick, and it is totally worth every effort that we had to put in (and a hundred times more). Not a day goes by where I don’t feel blessed, even when I am constantly feeling like I am running on next to no sleep.

There are so many things that make being a mom so great. My favorites are the kisses and cuddles, that sweet infectious laughter or simply bonding over some fun children’s activity.

No matter what it is, I know that being a mom is the best thing ever, and I wouldn’t give it up for the world.

What to do with Leftover Halloween Candy

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I don’t knwo about you but we always have ton of extra Halloween candy left over. This si the first year I let the kids have their pick through out the weekend, but as of tomorrow, the candy is history.

what to do with leftover halloween candy Continue reading

Kids Academy Apps – Free and Educational Apps

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As many of you know we are homeschooling, and so I do like to incorporate technology into our learning. I love the iPad and iPhones because there are so many wonderful choices and many of them are free. I had the chance to review these three apps and honestly, they are all amazing! Here are my reviews!!!

KidsAcademyLogo-150x150Kids Academy Co apps: Preschool & Kindergarten Learning Kids Games
This app is fantastic for my technology obsessed 4 year old. He loves practicing the alphabet and playing the games which are definitely fun and hold kids attention. The app is fantastic for pre-readers and emerging readers.


kids-a-apps-150x150Bingo ABCs alphabet phonics My boys, ages 4 and 2 love to sing. They make up the silliest of songs to go along with any theme. So this app is a great fit for them both. They snuggle on the couch together and sing along and play! The app combines music, imagination, technology and fun all in one great learning experience.


ABkids-academy-apps-150x150Cs alphabet phonics & Montessori learn to read app for toddlers This app is wonderful. I found it especially useful because we are homeschooling using many Montessori methods, which this app incorporates. My boys love the colorful graphics and the fun mazes! I appreciate that the alphabet related to everyday objects and things. One of my favorite apps for kids!

Announcing Baby Elly #3!

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Guys I have to apologize! I once again went MIA with no explanation. But I have a good reason I promise… I am pregnant with baby number 3! We are super excited!


I had severe morning sickness in the first trimester and a blood pressure scare as well. On top of that I was just so exhausted that It was hard enough keeping up with the boys all day and so blogging took a backseat. I am not working now, finances are super tight, but we are praying and keeping it moving.

Jon has been working like crazy, he is teaching drum lessons after work and it is going fabulously! But that means I have little, to no breaks. And I am okay with that. i am blessed to be here with the boys. But they truly needed me when I wasn’t taking a nap on the couch or hurled over the toilet. We have watched way too much TV in the past 3 months!


Now that I am in the second trimester I am feeling so much better! I am walking at least 2 miles a day, doing PiYo and eating super healthy (aside from that shrimp PoBoy I HAD do have last night).


I thank you for your continued support and I am really looking forward to interacting with you all once again!


I will be posting M-F and be active on social media. I am also doing a monthly homeschooling post on TOTS Family (my nickname in middle school was Tot so that’s super cool). Let’s connect!!


Facebook  ~ TwitterPinterestInstagramG+TOTS

Behavior Chart Family System – Free Printables!

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We have a family system in place to keep things running as smooth as possible. I am a firm believer in setting rules and expectations so that everyone knows what is expected, the rules are laid out and leaving little room for disagreement. Now this is not a perfect system, but it sure makes things easier.

Behavior Charts & Treasure Chest  AComplete Family System with printables Continue reading

Sample Schedule For Pre K Homeschool – Blog Series Part 3

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Welcome to part 3 in my homeschooling blogging series! If you are just joining me, please check out the first few posts in the series:

Why We Homeschool

Homeschool Supplies on a Budget

We are just starting our school year and we are off to a good start. But when we first started, I did a lot of research as to what the day should look like. Then I used some trial and error and came up with what worked best for us. Thursdays and Fridays are a bit different, as we try to do something with our homeschooling group. We have gone to Air Heads Jump Zone, the community pool, and this week we are heading to a local park for a lesson in sea life and shells.

prek homeschool Continue reading

Pure Crafted $150 Visa Gift Card Giveaway

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Taking Some Time, Check Out These Giveaways

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I was in the middle of a Homeschooling blog series when our world was rocked. I am taking some time to deal, process and hug my babies to the point of driving them nuts. Lucas has been having nightmares and so have I so sleep is also much needed.

Until then please check out my giveaways, there are some great ones:)

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Pure Crafted $150 Visa Gift Card Giveaway


TrackIf $500 Cash Giveaway!

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I am so excited to bring you guys another cash prize. I mean the holidays are almost upon us and this cash would help so much! Check it out!


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BabyShowersByMail 6 Month Diaper And Wipes Giveaway!

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This is such an awesome giveaway! Who doesn’t need diapers for a new baby? And delivered?! Hello awesomeness!!

How many new time parents think about all the diapers they need. Even parents that have had more than one child remember the hundreds and hundreds of diapers they need while your little one is growing up. Have diapers on your list grocery list constantly or perhaps you are planning on a new edition to your family soon? Well, check out this AWESOME company that will DELIVER diapers and wipes.
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